The Biggest Cable Company is Not a Cable Company At All

Netflix recently released data showing that they have more subscribers than Comcast, the largest cable company in the United States.  23 million people use Netflix, up about nine million since this time last year, making the company the leading Internet subscription service for enjoying television and movies.  For just $7.99 a month, or $95.88 a year (less than what many people pay a month for cable), more and more people are gaining access to streaming TV and movies, threatening to put smaller cable companies out of business.

While many may still equate Netflix with its mail-in DVD rental system, its streaming service is growing in popularity.  More blockbuster movies and hit TV shows are being added each month (Mad Men, for example, is being added next month), making cable an unnecessary expense to some.  As Netflix’s streaming service grows, and number of titles offered expands, it will be interesting to see how the cable companies react and whether they start lowering their prices.

Unlike with free online services such as Hulu, shows that are streamed on Netflix contain no advertisements.  Therefore, as live TV viewership decreases, advertisers are going to have to look at other avenues to insure that they receive the best return on their investments.  Pulse Advertising is able to help craft advertising strategies to ensure that your company is receiving the most “bang for your buck” by keeping an eye on the latest trends in the advertising world.  To find out how we can help your company, visit our website at

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